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So You’re In A Wedding, Now What?

This summer, one of the guys is making the ultimate life decision and getting married.  Being chosen as a groomsmen or best man can be stressful. A wedding is one of the most important days of anyone’s adult life and your best bro chose you to take part in the magical affair.  Preparing for a wedding can take time.  Make sure you have the following for a winning look among the wedding party. Even if you are just attending the wedding, preparation is crucial. Who knows, with love in the air, you might meet your future significant other as well.


Tailored Suit


The suit is the most important piece to your wedding style. Choosing the right suit can make or break your entire look. If you are part of the wedding party, check with the groom for suit details. Often there will be an exact style; however, sometimes, the happy couple will request you wear a simple blue or black suit.  Once the suit is chosen, it is essential to get it fitted and tailored to your body. If you are purchasing a brand new suit or wearing one previously owned, have it tailored close to the wedding day.  If the suit is rented, have your measurements taken accurately for optimal fit.


Signature Scent


Cologne is an element of style that no one can see, yet everyone will notice. Choosing a cologne for the event can prove to be a hassle. There are hundreds of fragrances and shopping can be a headache with all the different smells fusing together can create madness. When selecting a scent choose one that aligns with the date and time of the wedding. Go for a lighter, more airy scent for outdoor or daytime weddings. Save the heavier more romantic scents for evening or formal weddings.


Clean Cut


A haircut and well-groomed facial hair are the next step in nailing wedding style. Locally, Hollywood Hair Of Fame straight razor shaves are popular, and the hot foam feels so good!  However, there are alternative ways to get the look you desire. Cleaning up your look for the wedding is great for pictures and upgrades your entire look. A clean cut does not mean removing all your hair. If you wear your hair long or short, a grooming session will have you wedding ready. Include beard, moustache and sideburn grooming in your pre-wedding routine.


Man Manicure


The bridesmaids should not be the only group getting pre-ceremony manicures. A manicure massages the hands, removes dead skin and clips the fingernails. It does not need to include sparkly nail polish. Take a seat in a nail technician’s chair before the big day. Get your nails clipped, filed and buffed for a mature look and feel. The subtle difference will be noticed and appreciated by all.


Award Winning Speech


As a member of the wedding party, having a prepared speech should be a requirement. After the “I do’s”, the reception will be a time to eat, drink and be merry. The perfect wedding speech is composed of a little humor and a little passion. It is okay to include a semi-embarrassing memory, but stay away from those that are vulgar or super secret.  Start with a joke or touching memory and flow from there. It is ideal to keep your speech between three and five minutes. Writing it beforehand and rehearsing eases the nerves and ensures a smooth delivery.


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