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Want To Nail It? Get The Perfect Summer Manicure

Let your personal style speak with your nails. Ditch that boring manicure and pedicure this season.  French tips, pink acrylic and solid red manicures are classic, but this summer, break out and go for daring manicured looks.  Use bold nail lacquers and glosses to set trends this season. Different shapes, textures and techniques are all great tools to express yourself through your nail design.


No More Basic Manicures!


Getting your nails done is a good opportunity to explore creativity and imagination. There are no limits to inventiveness. Hollywood Hair Of Fame nail artists are equipped with the tools to help your dream manicure manifest in reality.  Use nail trends to express yourself. Song lyrics, cultural flags, favorite books and even favorite foods can be expressed through nail art.  There are infinite possibilities for your next nail session.

There are many nail trends to step out of your comfort zone and try. Plentiful options mean there is a new look for even the most traditional of nail enthusiasts. When getting your routine manicure and pedicure, mention to the nail artist that you would like to try something new. You do not have to sacrifice the quality of your nails to achieve a new look.  A manicure can add comfort and class to your hands. After the nails are filed, trimmed and buffed, the real fun begins.


Use Colors That Shine


Add colors, patterns, shapes and textures to your paint job. A fun nail trend is metallic nail polish. Golds, bronzes, silvers and rose golds are perfect shades to match an all over summer glow.  Using metallic colors on your nails will add to your season glow.  Use metallic colors to coat the entire nail or as a fun accent color. Metallic nail polish is a cool update on the French manicure. Instead of white tips, opt for silver or gold.


Add Art That Stands Out


Nail art can be a fun way to spice up your manicure. In Arvada 3D nail art is a top trend and perfect for any occasion.  3D nail art can be done on natural nails or acrylic and gel manicures. Typically, the 3D element is created and then attached to the nail bed  A nail artist can use various colored acrylics and paint  to create designs and attach them on the wearers nails using nail glue. Shapes such as flowers can be sculpted and painted for a glamourous look.   Rhinestones, beads and other small items can be glued on to achieve the 3D effect as well.


Everyone Can Do It


Another fun nail trend is modernizing classic nail polish. As mentioned before, doing things like changing the color of your French tip can provide a fresh update to an everyday look.  There are many ways to add a new twist to the classics. Instead of white tips, go for a full white nail. Is red or pink your go-to nail polish color? Use a glittery top coat or even a full glitter nail polish in your favorite hue.

Do not be afraid to step outside of the box. Gather inspiration from nature, magazines and other forms of media.  Use your nails to complete your look.


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