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Trending Hair Colors For The Summer

Summer is full of fun and fierceness. Stand out this season with a bold new hair color. The world is shifting from the norm where only natural hair colors were deemed appropriate. Do not be afraid to step outside of the box this season. Whether you dye your entire head or, opt for a more subtle change, there are no limits to your color options.

The thought of a new hair color can be scary. Nobody wants a bad dye job. Work with your colorist to develop the perfect new shade for your hair and lifestyle.  There is a new hair color for everyone to try. Be both imaginative yet realistic when shade shopping.  Perusing fashion and beauty magazines for hair trends is a great way to start.


Trending Hair Colors


As with any industry, the hair world is dominated by trends. Classic styles are always prevalent, yet every season, various looks come out on top. Gather inspiration from your favorite singer or actress’ new hair color.  Once you have your ideas in mind, it will be easier to reach the end goal. Use the following trends to help your search for your new hair color.


Get A Gradient Look


Ombre styling is a great way to achieve a new colorful look. Super long mermaid-inspired hair is trending and going to a top stylist in to provide hair extensions is the perfect way to fuse these two trends. Hair extensions not only add length and body but also color without damaging your own hair or committing to one long-term look. Ombre hair is when the hair gradually changes from dark to light from the roots to the ends.  This trend can even be done in reverse, going from light to dark as the hair gets longer.


Stay Modern With Glam Greys


Silver grey hues with lavender purple tones are also a top pick for this season. Grey hair is a sign of age and wisdom, but it is also a daring color that anyone can pull off. This hair color trend is gorgeous as a full head dye job; however, streaks of grey can give a chic and effortless effect. Incorporate grey strands to your short or long hairstyles. The color is a great way to edge up a soft style.


Stand Out With Pink Hues


Pink and golden pink hues are perfect for the summer. Crossing fashion and beauty borders, all shades of pink are shaping up to be the color of the year.  Pink tinted hair is perfect for the summer and will also transition well into the fall.  Pink is a great color to rock on its own but infused with gold and orange to achieve a rose gold tone is a great way to rock this trend.  This trend is wearable by all since rose gold is a neutral metallic and can be manipulated to work for any skin tone.


Natural Tone Changes


If the Hollywood Hair Of Fame daring hair colors are pushing your limit, you can still experiment with more natural-looking hair color.  Light browns, dark browns, honey blondes and jet blacks are all trending hair tones that can awaken your look this season. Adding elements of these shades can have the same dramatic effect as blue and purple hair. To add depth and drama with natural tones, use colors that contrast your natural hair.   Have blonde hair? Add some warmth with golden brown tones. If your hair is naturally black, take it to the next level with a hint of chocolate brown. Do not hesitate to get bold this season.


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