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4 Popular Nail Trends to Try

Most regular manicures last on average for about a week, with shellac manicures lasting up to two weeks. Using the two week estimate, that’s twenty-six times a year that you have the chance to try out a fun new nail look. Instead of getting in a rut and choosing the same red or pink simple polish manicure each week, why not try one of these trends instead?


The Statement Nail


Instead of painting all of your nails the same color, this trend involves painting one nail on each hand a different color, creating a “statement” nail, if you will. This nail is typically the one on your ring finger. Try painting this statement nail a contrasting color, bedazzling it in glitter, adding a design such as polka dots or a heart, or simply using a matte version of the same color. While all of these design ideas are fun, they can be a bit overwhelming when used on every single finger. By using these designs on the statement nail exclusively, you can still have some fun without being too in your face. This also makes the design feel more special.


The 3D Nail


This nail trend is one that is a little trickier to do at home so you may want to ask a professional Avarda 3D nail artist at your favorite nail salon to get the best results. 3D nails are a great way to really make a statement and are the perfect accent to a costume or special event. Some 3D nails can be as simple as adding rhinestones or other jewel accents, while some can be more sculptural. Flowers, pearls, bows, fruit, stars, and cartoon characters are just a few examples of the fun 3D art design you can add to any nail.


The Marbled Nail


Marbled nails are created by dipping the nail into marbleized polish. To do this, fill a shallow dish with warm water and then begin adding drips of polish to the water, one at a time, one on top of the other. Once you have about 8-10 layers, use a toothpick or other utensil and drag it across the surface of the water until you reach your desired marbleized effect. Simply dip the nail onto the surface of the water and nail polish mixture. Use nail polish remover or acetone in order to remove any extra nail polish along the cuticles, and then allow the nails to dry fully before sealing with a clear coat of polish.


The Almond Nail


If you don’t want to commit to overly saturated hues, wacky patterns, or sculptural 3D art, a great way to mix things up and add a little fun to your nail game is to try changing the shape of your nail. Instead of simply rounded or square shaped nails, try the latest nail trend by asking your manicurist for an almond shaped nail. It may take several return trips of growing out your nails and subsequently filing them into the almond shape in order to cultivate the perfect shape as it’s not easy to do with very short nails. This is a great nail trend for those who love experimenting with their nails but work in a professional environment where wild designs are frowned upon.


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