How to Get Sun Kissed Skin Safely

Building a great tan is a hallmark of a great summer. Not only can a tan show off those summer white dresses but a tan can actually make a person look slimmer as well. There are more than a few options when it comes to tanning but not all are created equal when it comes to what is healthiest for your skin.




Laying out by the pool with a little tanning oil slicked on your skin, a magazine to read, and maybe a frosty beverage in hand is a much beloved summertime activity and the most obvious way to get a tan. Unfortunately, laying under the sun’s harsh UVF rays can also lead to a little thing called skin cancer (and wrinkles, sun spots, discoloration, etc.). While sunbathing may be an effective strategy to tan, when laying out in the sun you should forgo the tanning oil for sunscreen with a high SPF instead. It may take a few hours longer to reach your desired bronze shade than sitting out with only tanning oil but the peace of mind about the health of your skin is certainly worth the risk.


Avoid Tanning Beds

Maybe you have a special event coming up and it’s embarrassing how blindingly pale you have become since winter. Maybe you have a white dress to wear and don’t want to wait until you spend a few hours outdoors in the sun before you feel confident enough to wear it. Whatever the reason, you want to be tan now! Hitting up your local tanning salon and jumping into a tanning bed seems like the easiest and fastest solution, but is it the safest? The World Health Organization doesn’t think so. In fact, they classify tanning beds with tanning lamps into its highest cancer risk category. However, there are a few other options to transform you into a bronze goddess quickly and the good news is that they are significantly safer.


Spray Tanning


The quickest way to get an evenly tanned body is through spray tanning. In fact, it’s the only truly instant way to do so, as even tanning lotions need to be re-applied and built up to get to the desired shade. Besides being fast and convenient, spray tanning is completely safe and free from carcinogens, unlike tanning beds. Another bonus is the fact that a spray tan will provide an even color all over, which means you can kiss unattractive bikini lines good bye.


Tanning Lotions


If you have plenty of time to build a tan and want the convenience of doing it from the comfort of your own home, then self-tanning lotions may be a great option for you. Convenient and simple to use, these lotions can be applied daily until your desired shade of tan is reached. Self-tanning lotions are also arguably the most affordable option to getting golden skin. One word of caution though—it’s important to make sure the lotion is completely dried before touching the skin, putting on clothes, or climbing into white sheets.


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