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Nailing Down Your Bridal Look

Once you slip that sparkly ring on your finger, it’s happily ever after. Or at least you thought it was, until you realized you have an entire wedding to plan. Wedding planning can be a stressful time between picking out font styles for your invitations and finding the perfect shade of coral for the reception napkins…the list goes on and on. While all those elements are certainly important, the main attraction for the guests will be the glowing bride. Nailing down your bridal look is crucial and the following are steps to make sure you get all the details right.


Search For Inspiration


Before making any decision, take some time to look through bridal magazines, Pinterest, old movies, or wherever it is that you draw inspiration from. Decide how you want to look and, more importantly, how you want to feel. Old Hollywood glamour? Magical forest fairy? Whatever it is, make sure that each part of your bridal look embodies this aesthetic and feeling and you will look thoughtfully put together on your big day.


Bombshell Hair


There are a few considerations for hair. Will your wedding be outside? Does your dress have a high neckline? Will you be wearing a veil? Walk through every aspect of your day, the external conditions like weather, what you’ll be wearing, etc. Once you have a style in mind, run through a trial session with your hair stylist before the wedding. This will ensure you are both on the same page, as well as provide a dry-run to see how much time you should allot for hair styling on the actual wedding day, although it’s probably prudent to add an additional 30 minutes on to that.


On Point Make-Up


A wedding ceremony plus a reception to follow can make for quite a long day and night when it comes to having picture perfect make up that stays in place. A professional make-up artist is the best choice to ensure your make up is perfect down to every lash and that your make up will last throughout dancing, sweating, and happy tears. To make matters even simpler, look for a salon that offers complete Arvada bridal services and you may be able to bundle hair styling, make up application, and nail services together for ease of scheduling and possibly even a discount.


Think Sun Kissed Bronze, Not Orange


If you’ll be wearing a white dress, sometimes it’s nice to have a little color on your skin to really make the white color really pop. However, try to get a tan that looks as natural as possible as you don’t want your guests to make Jersey Shore references during the ceremony. A great recommendation is to try spray tanning. Since it’s temporary, you can test out the right shade for you well in advance of the big day.


A Little More Bling


While your engagement ring will certainly be the star of the jewelry show, a few simple pieces of jewelry can really compliment your wedding gown and tie the whole look together. Long earrings can elongate your face and make you look thinner while elegant pearl studs can add the perfect touch of class to an old school glamour up-do.

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Hair Extensions And Why Clip Ins Are So Popular

Nowadays, most people want their hair to look thicker and shinier. Sometimes you may be interested in trying out some new hairstyles, but due to thin and short hair, it can be difficult to pull off certain ones. Instead of waiting for years for your hair to grow longer and thicker, you can use hair extensions such as clip in, real hair luxury extensions, to get that instant look that you desire. The following are the reasons why clip in human hair extensions have become so popular.




When you are looking your best, it can seriously impact your state of mind. A good set of clip in hair extensions can transform your look from washed out to wonderful, and get you ready for that business meeting, speech, social event or an important interview. Hair thinning or hair loss can lead to loss of confidence in many women. But clip in hair extensions will give you the look you desire by filling out and increasing volume, and this will boost your confidence.




According to a Harvard study released back in 2003, a different haircut can have a huge impact on your psychological and physical health. By having the hair style you desire, you can increase your serotonin levels. This is the chemical that is responsible for maintaining your mood levels, and it will keep away depression. Eventually, this can help lower your anxiety levels and also lower your blood pressure. Apart from being an accessory, clip in extensions can be transformational for your body, mind, and soul.




It is a fact that we always want what we can’t have. But with the availability of the clip in hair extensions, it is much easier to create your dream hair style. If your tresses are looking thin and tired, wear a clip in hair extension to create volume. If you are eager to reflect your vibrant personality, add some color to your hair extensions for funky and fuss-free hair. Clip in hair extensions are the perfect way to reflect your individuality, irrespective of what your natural look dictates.

In conclusion, there is a wide range of hair extensions in the market so you should be very cautious when selecting the best ones. When buying clip in hair extensions, ensure that its texture is similar to that of your natural hair so that it can blend easily with your hair giving you a more natural and realistic look.  They can be styled any way you choose.  If you have a problem selecting the best clip in extension that will suit you, consult the services of the professionals to help you get a set of clip in extensions that will add to your style, glamour, and sensuality.


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Trending Hair Colors For The Summer

Summer is full of fun and fierceness. Stand out this season with a bold new hair color. The world is shifting from the norm where only natural hair colors were deemed appropriate. Do not be afraid to step outside of the box this season. Whether you dye your entire head or, opt for a more subtle change, there are no limits to your color options.

The thought of a new hair color can be scary. Nobody wants a bad dye job. Work with your colorist to develop the perfect new shade for your hair and lifestyle.  There is a new hair color for everyone to try. Be both imaginative yet realistic when shade shopping.  Perusing fashion and beauty magazines for hair trends is a great way to start.


Trending Hair Colors


As with any industry, the hair world is dominated by trends. Classic styles are always prevalent, yet every season, various looks come out on top. Gather inspiration from your favorite singer or actress’ new hair color.  Once you have your ideas in mind, it will be easier to reach the end goal. Use the following trends to help your search for your new hair color.


Get A Gradient Look


Ombre styling is a great way to achieve a new colorful look. Super long mermaid-inspired hair is trending and going to a top stylist in to provide hair extensions is the perfect way to fuse these two trends. Hair extensions not only add length and body but also color without damaging your own hair or committing to one long-term look. Ombre hair is when the hair gradually changes from dark to light from the roots to the ends.  This trend can even be done in reverse, going from light to dark as the hair gets longer.


Stay Modern With Glam Greys


Silver grey hues with lavender purple tones are also a top pick for this season. Grey hair is a sign of age and wisdom, but it is also a daring color that anyone can pull off. This hair color trend is gorgeous as a full head dye job; however, streaks of grey can give a chic and effortless effect. Incorporate grey strands to your short or long hairstyles. The color is a great way to edge up a soft style.


Stand Out With Pink Hues


Pink and golden pink hues are perfect for the summer. Crossing fashion and beauty borders, all shades of pink are shaping up to be the color of the year.  Pink tinted hair is perfect for the summer and will also transition well into the fall.  Pink is a great color to rock on its own but infused with gold and orange to achieve a rose gold tone is a great way to rock this trend.  This trend is wearable by all since rose gold is a neutral metallic and can be manipulated to work for any skin tone.


Natural Tone Changes


If the Hollywood Hair Of Fame daring hair colors are pushing your limit, you can still experiment with more natural-looking hair color.  Light browns, dark browns, honey blondes and jet blacks are all trending hair tones that can awaken your look this season. Adding elements of these shades can have the same dramatic effect as blue and purple hair. To add depth and drama with natural tones, use colors that contrast your natural hair.   Have blonde hair? Add some warmth with golden brown tones. If your hair is naturally black, take it to the next level with a hint of chocolate brown. Do not hesitate to get bold this season.