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The Different Types Of Massage And Their Benefits

There are various types of massages and getting to know the differences will help you in selecting the best and most effective technique that will alleviate your discomfort. In traditional massage, different levels of pressure are applied to your soft tissues such as the ligaments, skin, muscles and the membrane surrounding the muscles. The styles used in massage therapy can range from short, persuasive strokes to long and smooth strokes. Some of the massage therapists will use lotions and oils while other will not. Some will encourage their clients to undress during a massage while others will not. A normal massage will last anywhere between five minutes and two hours. The following is a list of the most popular techniques used in massage therapy.


Swedish Massage


This is the most common massage therapy offered in most spas, gyms, clinics, and wellness centers. Using oil or lotion, the massage therapist begins the session with general strokes and then moves to specific strokes in order to address the problem areas. Swedish therapy provides you with general relaxation of the whole body, improves blood circulation, and it can be very helpful in case you are recovering from an injury.


Aromatherapy Massage


This is a Swedish massage that uses essential oils added to the massage oils. The essential oils are extracted from some specific flowers and some parts of certain plants, and they are believed to possess some healing properties. Although the oils are selected to address different needs, the therapist will use the blended oils to energize, relax or uplift. This type of massage has soothing effects, and it is beneficial in various conditions, including insomnia, back pains, premenstrual symptoms, and headaches.


Heated Stone Massage


In this type of massage, the therapist uses heated stones. The therapist places the heated stones on some specific points of the body and holds the warm stones as he gives the massage. The warm stones relax and loosen the tight muscles enabling the therapist to reach the areas of muscle tension quickly. If you are suffering from certain medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, varicose veins and high blood pressure, check with your doctor first before you go for a stone massage.


Deep Tissue Massage


This is a focused massage that targets specific problem areas and muscle knots in the deep layers of the connective tissue and muscle. It uses slow friction and deep pressure on the areas of the body that are aching or suffering from chronic muscle tension. This style of massage is beneficial for people suffering from chronic pain or injuries that limit their mobility.

In conclusion, before deciding the massage style that best suits you, you should know the reason behind getting that massage. You may decide to have a massage for stress control, relaxation, symptom relief or to assist you with a certain health condition. Before you book in for a massage, ensure that your therapist understands what you are looking for and also enquire about the style he or she uses for the massage. Many of the Arvada massage therapists use more than one style, and your therapist may also customize your massage according to your condition, age and any other special needs you may have.